You learn something new every day.
It's time you properly log it.
... and share it.

Learnedit is a social note taking application that allows users to journal their knowledge and share it with others

Community Dashboard

Using MarkDown format you can log what you've learned and share it with the public to help others learn from you!
Alternatively, learn by exploring what other have publicly posted!

Example image of community dashbord

Personal Timeline

A journal of your knowledge. The personal timeline focuses only on your private and public learnings!It's a great way to recap what you've learned in the past, or if you have a solution to a problem you need to find quick.

Example image of personal timeline

What users are saying

"Finally! There is a way to "Google" my brain!"
"A time saver! Referenced my notes from years ago to solve the same problem."
"It's like Pinterest for knowledge!"